Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How many suites are there at Orchard Point Harbour?
How many stories are the buildings at Orchard Point Harbour?
What size are the suites?
Can residents BBQ on their balconies?
Is there underground parking?
Is there additional parking available?
Is storage available?
What finishings come with the suites?
What amenities are at Orchard Point Harbour?
Are there any additional fees for use of the amenities?
Can I keep my boat at Orchard Point Harbour?
Are pets allowed in the building?
Is smoking permitted?
Are there guest suites at Orchard Point Harbour?
Is there parking for visitors?
What are the rights of entry?


What are the maintenance fees at Orchard Point Harbour?
What are the monthly costs for my unit?
Who regulates the fees?
Is my suite insured?


What advantages are there to buying at the planning stage?
Does Orchard Point Harbour accept conditional offers?
What is my right to rescind the Agreement?
What is the deposit structure?
Is HST included in the purchase price?
Can I resell my unit?